Health & Age Care Project Specialists

In the past 10 years Tilton have completed over 8 age care and hospital projects in Canberra and Gosford.

Our Ceilings, Drywall, and Glazed Partitions contract value over 23.78m and Fire Doors, Frames, hardware, and commercial carpentry contract value over $4.16m.


ProjectTotal roomsC&P Contract  ValueFire Doors Value 
Goodwin Village Monash RACF76$2 Million $0.35 Million
Goodwin Farrer Stage 181$5.1 Million$0.9 Million
Goodwin Farrer Stage 267$6.5 Million$1.13 Million
Goodwin Ainslie BLOCK H & I43$2.06 Million$0.36 Million
ICU Expansion Project Canberra hospital15$0.65 Million$0.12 Million
Gosford hospital Mental Health Unit30$2.12 Million$0.37 Million
Baptist Care100$4.57 Million$0.8 Million
Intentional Community Block 19 - Section 130 Phillip25$0.76 Million$0.13 Million
Total437$23.76 Million$4.16 Million